Monday, 8 February 2016

Drops Of Youth Skincare Challenge - Week 2

Week 2 - So I'm into week 2 of the Drops Of Youth 28 Day Skincare Challenge. and I'm really starting to see the benefits of using the range. The start of the year always sees my skin looking dry, dull and lifeless, but sticking to my morning and evening routines (see week 1 for details) every day is helping to combat those pesky winter skin woes.

My skin looks and feels more radiant and fresh and my makeup applies so much better in the mornings. This week I've absolutely been loving the Eye Concentrate. Especially in the mornings when my eyes feel dry and puffy. The little metal roller ball feels very soothing, and instantly helps me to feel awake and refreshed. I'm still really enjoying the Youth Cream as well. It just absorbs into the skin so quickly! That's really one of my favourite things about the range. It's not too time consuming but really does work.

All in all, I've noticed that my skin has really responded well to the range so far. My pores don't look as big as they did previously and I'm very impressed with the radiant look of my skin, without feeling like it's becoming too oily.

Check back next week to see how I'm getting on in week 3! Have you tried any of the range yet? Let me know your thoughts!

Love Kate x

Sponsored by The Body Shop. As always, all views are my own.
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lush Lust List...

Do you have a scent that, as soon as you smell it it instantly transports you to a special time or a certain place? Maybe it's freshly cut grass or it could be a favourite perfume. For me it has to be Lush. Not one scent or product in particular, just that scent you get when you walk past the store, or treat yourself to a selection of goodies and stick your head in the bag! It reminds me of being 19 and starting my You Tube journey, I was obsessed with Lush and a Lush haul was my first video. I know it might sound silly and insignificant, but that really was a happy time in my life. I started my online store and began making videos and I just threw myself into it without knowing where it would take me and the amazing opportunities I've had since. So I guess link the scent with that time.

So sometimes when I need a little pick me up, I head to Lush and pick out a few things as a treat. Usually some old favourites mixed with a couple of new products or at least one thing I haven't tried before. Here's a little run down of what I got recently.

American Cream Conditioner: I just LOVE this stuff. I don't use it all the time, but I like to get a small bottle every now and again as a hair treat. It's super creamy and makes your hair feel incredibly soft and silky. Plus, if you're a fan of strawberries and vanilla scents like me then this is a winner!

Strawberry Feels Massage Bar: Did I mention I like strawberry scents? I'm not going to lie, strawberry is my favourite of all the smells in life!And this massage bar just smells like a dream. It works great as an all over body oil treatment. It starts to melt into your skin really quickly and feels very luxurious. The scent lasts for ages too.

Million Dollar Moisturiser: This is the one that I got for Christmas, but I wanted to include it because it really is fantastic. It's has quite a thick, creamy consistency, so not one for when you need to apply makeup straight away. But given time to absorb, it makes the perfect base, leaving you with glowing skin that just looks so much healthier. Plus it contains a sunscreen which is so important, even in the winter months

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb: Such a beauty! This is definitely one for the floral fans, I love that each one contains 7 rose buds. It's scented with Rose oil, lemon and jasmine oil and it's perfect for a pre Valentine's date bath.

Roses All The Way Soap: I'm generally least attracted to the soaps in Lush. Just because I find bar soaps quite drying. But I just had to try something from the Valentine's Day collection and this looked perfect. It contains rose oil and syrup so I'm hoping it will be quite moisturising and convert me into a solid soap lover. I'll let you know my thoughts once I've tried it out!

What do you think? Are you going to be trying any of these out? Or do you have any recommendations for me? Tell me your all time favourites in the comments!

Love Kate x
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Monday, 25 January 2016

Drops Of Youth Skincare Challenge - Week One

You may have seen in my recent video, that I was challenged by The Body Shop to try out their Drops of Youth Skincare range for 28 days. As promised I'm going to be sharing my results at the end of each week right here on my blog.

Here's my thoughts after testing the range for one week:

AM - Products used: Essence lotion, Concentrate, Eye concentrate &Youth Cream

After I've cleansed my face, I like to start by applying a few drops of the Essence lotion to a cotton pad and wiping that over my face. I really feel like this helps to make my skin feel smoother and fresh ready for the next steps. I then apply the concentrate all over my face avoiding my eye area and I love the silky, smooth feel this product gives my skin, and it's almost instantly absorbed, so you're not having to wait around for it to sink into your skin. I love the fact that this range has an Eye Concentrate as well, as I often find my eye area gets neglected when applying serums as I don't want them to irritate my eyes. The roller ball applicator makes it so easy to apply, and feels very cooling and again makes the area feel hydrated whist still being fast absorbing.  My final morning step in this routine is to apply the Youth Cream. As I mentioned in my video, this cream has a gel like consistency which I really like. It's incredibly light and again has absorbed into the skin within seconds, whilst leaving your skin feeling velvety soft.

PM - Products used: Essence lotion, Concentrate, Eye concentrate, Youth Cream & Bouncy Sleeping Mask

In the evening, I don't really change up that much. I stick to the same routine but just add in the Bouncy Sleeping Mask for an added layer or moisture. Before using this range I would never have dared to use a face cream, and then a mask over the top of it as I'd be too worried I was over doing it and would cause my skin to become oily, but because the range is more gel based and the products are very light, it doesn't feel like you're clogging up your skin at all.

Final thoughts for week one -

This week my skin suffered quite badly from a break out, but this was hormonal and had already begun happening before starting to use the range so i know this wasn't the cause. It doesn't seem to have irritated my skin at all and thankfully the spots I did get are slowly going now.

I've particularly enjoyed using the range in the morning, as I feel as though my makeup applies much more evenly after doing this routine, and over all my skin has looked fresher, more glowing and has felt very hydrated, through out the day, and doesn't feel dry or tight in the morning.

I'm excited to see how it fairs over the next few weeks. If you missed my video and would like a more in depth look at the range, I'll leave it below.

Lots of love
Kate x

Sponsored by The Body Shop. As always, all views are my own.
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Start of Something New...

Walking with daddy
Sometimes the blurry ones are the best. I love seeing him walk along with us, although it's not long before he's asking to come 'up'
That cheeky little smile and all of those teeth!
He's got the moody look down
But the smiles are never far behind
He loved playing in the park, even though it was quite chilly! If he could talk he would probably be saying "Mum get off me I want to go down this enormous slide!'
Trying to get a shot of the 3 of us where we all actually look OK is near on impossible!

I didn't really make many New Years resolutions this year, but one thing that has been a big goal of mine for quite a while now is to take more pictures and to take better ones at that. I love photography, it's something that seriously inspires me, makes me feel happy and gives me a huge sense of pride when I've got shots I'm proud of, but at the end of last year, when I was looking through all of my photos to make someone a photo calendar as a Christmas present, I realised I hardly had any that I truly loved. Of course there is a very special place in my heart for every little square Instragam snap I took, especially of Archie, but when it comes to printing then out or framing them, they don't really cut it. Learning more about photography was definitely high on my list of things I wanted to do for myself this year, and as I discovered, it was something Rik wanted to do more of as well. So we've decided that at least once a month we're going to take the time to document a special day or a fun afternoon out as a family through photos.

It feels like time is flying so quickly, and before we know it, these days of our baby being so little will  just be memories, and I'd love to be able to hold those memories in my hands and re-live those days for years to come.

This particular day was just a quick little trip to the park, we got there when the sun was shining and in the space of about an hour the sun was setting which is one of my favourite times of the day to take photos. At 16 months, out little man is a mini whirlwind and he loved toddling along the path to the park, (for about 5 minutes) then he wanted to be carried.

I love seeing his little face when he gets to the park because you can seeing all the wheels spinning in his head trying to decide what to go on first. We decided to try and sneak in a few family shots, because obviously it's always either one of us taking the photo, but Archie had other ideas so these were literally the only 2 we got of us all together! Then we all jumped back in the car and headed home for the evening to get all cosied up. Sometimes the simple, park days are the best.

I'm really hoping this will turn into a more regular thing on the blog, kind of like a photo diary? Let me know what you think.

Hope you're all having a lovely day.

Kate x

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas a Little Different...

In recent years, we've enjoyed quieter 'grown up' Christmas' as all of the children in our families had become, dare I say it, adults! And whilst the excitement still fluttered in my belly waking up every Christmas morning, somehow a bit of the magic was missing.

Last Christmas as a new Mum to a tiny 4 month old baby, I suddenly realised, that whilst I might not ever experience Christmas with the same wide eyed, wonder that I'd once had as a little girl, I'd soon get to see Christmas through the eyes of my own child. And I realised Christmas was about to become a little different and each year would start to get more and more magical again as our little boy begins to understand, and most importantly believe.

This year we're going out for Christmas dinner for the very first time. We've always enjoyed spending Christmas snuggled up indoors, in our pyjamas and having all of the family round for dinner, but this year we're stepping out of the kitchen to enjoy a dinner cooked for us and we're quite excited about it.

This year, I'm really trying to embrace winter instead of curling up indoors. And I've actually been enjoying our winter walks! The Darlington Coat from Crew Clothing Company has been keeping me toasty warm. It's such a beautiful navy, double breasted pea coat and is a classic piece that you can pull out every winter. I've also been pairing it with the Carrick jumper which is my new favourite piece of knitwear. It's so soft and cosy for cold winter days, and it's understated style means you can team it with so many pieces. Finally I just had to mention this beautiful Herringbone Stripe Scarf. I'm in love with the colours running through it and it can instantly make an outfit look put together and stylish.

After Christmas dinner, I'll be persuading everyone to go on a wintery walk, as I love seeing Archie toddling around, playing outside, before heading home to open presents and play lots of games. For me, Christmas is all about sticking with your much loved family traditions, whilst also embracing news ones as your own little family grows.

Kate x

This post is in collaboration with Crew Clothing Company. As always, all views are my own.
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Thursday, 3 December 2015

This Works... My Dreamy Trio

Having been a long time fan of the This Works Pillow Spray, I recently added a couple of other products to my collection. I was so excited when these landed on my door step, as just reading the names got me believing that the clever bunch at This Works must be able to read my mind!

In the cold Winter months, one of my biggest skincare woes are my legs. They look pale and blotchy and I reach a point where I can't even bare to get them out, which isn't great for the party season! The This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle has just become a god send, as it works in two ways. It contains vitamin's C and E to nourish the skin over time, as well as arnica, which helps to fade bruises. But like the impatient person I am, I like to use a product with instant results. The serum contains caramel to add a subtle, natural glow to the skin and takes your pins from ghostly to glam. I love that it doesn't make you look at all orange, and has a really pleasant, natural scent rather than making you smell like a digestive! If a product can make you look good whilst also working to care for your skin, it's a winner in my book!

It's the same sort of issue with my face to be honest! I am the palest person I think I've ever met, and the paler you are, the more the blemishes and imperfection stick out like a sore thumb. The Energy Bank Sun Flash can be applied on it's own or mixed with your moisturiser and gives your skin a really healthy sun kissed glow, again using natural caramel. It's also packed full of goodness with ingredients such as chicory root which works like vitamin D which we all lack in the Winter months. and Caffeine which helps to revive my dull, tired complexion. I hate to be the person who is always applying foundation, so this feels like the perfect way to get some colour and slight coverage without clogging up your pores, and being kind to your skin at the same time. Win!

Finally a quick mention of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I've always had trouble sleeping and had heard many good things about this so decided to give it a go a while back. It has a natural, lavender scent and it works best if you spritz a fine mist over your pillow/bedding. I'm not going to say it works every time, as I do have nights where I feel really anxious and no amount of lavender will help me then! But it certainly helps me to relax and is a scent I associate with feeling calm and restful. It's definitely worth a go if you too have trouble drifting off.

Kate x

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