Friday, 11 April 2014

The house and baby update...

Hello lovelies! I'm sorry it's been a little quite on the blog these last few weeks. We've recently moved house and things have been very hectic, but we're getting there now and I am already feeling very settled and content. 

It feels like the perfect house to raise a child and i'm so glad to be out of where we were. Our previous house was, to quote Cher Horowitz: 'A full on Monet!' in the fact that it looked ok on first glance, but take a closer look and it was falling apart. It really did seem like a lovely house at first, but things quickly started going wrong, and after a year of being there, and having endless floods, boiler problems, heating problems, and more recently worrying looking cracks appearing in walls and ceilings, (the list is endless) we were glad to escape! It seems crazy but getting out of there and moving to this place, I feel like my heads a lot clearer, and I can concentrate a lot more on all the things I need to be doing, which always seems like a lot of things! 

I just really enjoyed the whole moving process this time, I didn't let it stress me out and luckily we have an amazingly supportive family that have helped us so, so much these last few weeks. I do plan on doing some home ware hauls and some interior design videos/posts very soon, but for now, I have included a few snaps of what we've done so far.

1. Miley, Pip & I enjoying a rest | 2. our shelf styling so far | 3. The view from our bedroom | 4. newly painted fireplace and lantern | 5. pretty bedroom | 6. Miley & Pip hard at work again! | 7. Boy, Girl or duck? we'll find out soon! | 8. some new, pretty home ware bits | 9. My new fave necklace

I also just wanted to  do a little round up of Baby Bow Bow videos so far. I can't believe i'm now 21 weeks pregnant and we will very soon be finding out if we're having a little boy or a little girl! I have a feeling it's all going to seem a lot more real once we know! So I wanted to take the chance, in case you hadn't seen any, or had missed some, to include all of our baby videos to date. The latest one includes an appearance from the Daddy to be himself! Again, I just want to take the chance to say a huge thank you for all of your support and lovely comments and messages so far! It really makes my day.

Get up to date with Baby Bow Bow so far...

               Boy or girl? Gender test

               First Baby Haul

               Pregnancy Update | First Trimester

               Big News!

Love Kate

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Monday, 31 March 2014

Cabinet Detox With Vaseline

Last week, I was challenged by Vaseline to go through my bathroom cabinet and streamline my stash. I can and often do have a slight problem with hoarding, and tend to just fill up cupboards and drawers with more products and potions than I actually need. I mean 5 lip balms is really not necessary! This challenge came at the perfect time, as we're moving house, so a good clear out was well and truly needed.

It wasn't until I took on the challenge that I realised just how handy and multipurpose a good tin of vaseline was. Of course, i've used it for years, and gone through many a tin, but it's actually a rather smart little product and by no means is it JUST a lip balm.

I've managed to make my cabinet (minus Rikki's side of course) a whole lot more simple and organised just by losing the many items I had for various skin conditions and concerns and replacing them with Vaseline.

Here's what it looked like before:

 A various array, of skin care, toothpaste, hand creams, highlighters and lip balms.

With a bit of work, I managed to purge all of the lip balms, it's just not necessary to have so many when you can have one product that also has many other uses. I've found it works amazingly as a hand cream, and hear so many people rave about it for use on sore cuticles and cracked skin around the hands and nails so I took out all of the hand cream too. Another great use that Vaseline often comes in handy for is taming unruly brows. I like to mix a small amount with my brow colour to help keep both my natural brows and the powder in place and it works a treat! It also works great as a natural, dewy cheek highlighter. Not too much that your skin looks shiny, but enough to just add a fresh glow, to natural or made up skin.

And here's the cabinet after it's detox!:

As you can see, it's been cleared out and my section is looking a lot more healthy now! Apart from the obvious essentials like toothpaste, deodorant and skin care etc, I really think that having a cabinet full to bursting with different products can be confusing and very time consuming! I've loved the challenge and i'm defiantly going to try and stick with the minimalist approach. It's definitely made me think more before purchasing yet another product that Vaseline can take care of!

Vaseline is available from Boots and leading retailers nationwide RRP £2.08. Follow them on Facebook here.

Kate x

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Vinted | The new way to sell, buy & swap Clothes

Check out my current items on Vinted Here
I was recently asked to try out a website which has just launched in the UK. Vinted is a new online destination to sell, buy and swap clothing. I initially started by uploading 10 items to the site to see how it all worked and although I was a little unsure a first, as i've only ever really sold items through, my blog, youtube channel and shop, it was actually really easy and fun to use.

You simply create your profile, and you can start uploading images and descriptions of the items you want to sell straight away. They give you handy tips on the best ways to photograph your pictures, and there's very simple to use boxes and buttons to help you  describe your items in the best way possible. I particularly like the the icons to select clothing type, size, and colour.

You then simply price your items to sell, select swap, or, there's even an option to give them away. You also can select a small, medium or large packet size, which automatically works out your postage and packaging costs for you and displays it along with the price of the item.

I was amazed by the quick response I got, within minutes I had messages from other 'Vinties' asking for info on certain items. I think it will be a really great way to connect to other fashion lovers and discuss the items for sale and even try and haggle with sellers a little to get the best price.

This is all very new to me, but within about 20 minutes I had sold my first item, which for a new seller I was really impressed with. Your items get displayed on the featured page which is a great way to get them seen, and there are also lots of options to search for something in particular, by searching for a clothing brand or type.

One thing I was a bit surprised at is that you don't receive the money you earn from a sale until the item has been received by the buyer. Other selling sites will pay you as soon as the item sells so it will be really important to get proof of postage and maybe even send items by special delivery to insure they reach the buyer safely and on time, and obviously trust that the buyer will be honest and say when they receive the item! But apart from that I was really impressed with the site and could definitely see myself selling items regularly on there.

Check out my current items for sale here. Or here if you're viewing this on an iphone or an android. Does selling on Vinted sound like something you might do? Leave your questions and comments below!

Kate x

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pregnancy Update | First Trimester babybowbow

Hi everyone! So as you may or may not know by now if you follow me on You Tube and my other social networky thingamajigs I'm having a baby! As I'm writing this i'm currently 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant which seems so crazy! I decided to keep it between me, my fiancé Rikki and our family for quite a while, but finally had to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, and I couldn't be more overwhelmed and chuffed with the support i've received from the first video I uploaded last week. Honestly, to anyone who's taken the time to comment or congratulate us thank you so, so much!

Basically you can just watch everything i've written in this post in the video below, but if you prefer to read instead of watch (or maybe you like to do both) then I've documented the first trimester below. I just thought that even if no one is very interested, it will be a nice thing to read back one day, and who knows, maybe even babybowbow will read it when she/he is older!

Finding Out:
We found out we were expecting on Tuesday 17th December 2013. One week before Christmas Eve. I was actually on my own at the time, as Rikki had just taken our niece and nephew home after we'd taken them out for the day. He was meant to got to football training straight after, but needless to say, when I called him, he knew why all I could say was 'you need to come home now' and he did! I think the reason I was in shock was because, as I said in the video, I can be the most negative person, and i'd often thought over the years that I might not be able to have children (for no rational reason, I'm just like that!) So when I saw the words PREGNANT I was just so shocked, and scared, and amazed, and ecstatic all at once. It was a very surreal feeling. We were both over the moon though and were so excited.

We worked out that the baby would be due on the 21st August 2014, and decided to tell our families on Christmas day. Let me just say, that that was one difficult week to get through! Not telling my Mum and Dad for a week was hard. That week felt like a month! During that week, I started to freak out a bit about a pain in my right side. I got it into my head that it might be an ectopic pregnancy and basically worked myself up and panicked myself so much that by the Sunday, Rik and I took a trip to A&E as he didn't want me worrying anymore. I just want to add in here that the pain wasn't very bad at all in the grand scheme of things, and I have the utmost sympathy for any woman who actually has had to go through that. It must be awful. I just suffer with anxiety when it comes to health. But that's a whole other story!

We went back the following day for a scan, and at 5.5 weeks, we could see the gestational sack on the screen, but nothing inside, they said it might take another week or so until they could see the foetal pole or heartbeat. They ruled out an eptopic pregnancy which was such a relief and it put my mind at ease, they did say the pain was caused by a cyst on the right ovary but it was nothing to worry about and was due to the pregnancy. We were asked to go back in 2 weeks for another scan, and during this time I of course convinced myself there would be no baby still when we went back, (such a positive person huh?) but I tried to enjoy the next couple of weeks as this was Christmas and New year. 

Telling our Families:
We told my family on Christmas Eve. I couldn't eat prawns, pate, or have lots of the nice Christmasy food (or drink of course) so I think they might have suspected something if we hadn't of told them then. Everyone was thrilled, there was lots of crying and hugging (and that was just my Dad) haha, no I joke! But everyone was so lovely and it was great to finally be able to tell them. We asked Rikki's family round earlier on Christmas morning so we could tell them on our own and they were really happy too! It was a lovely family Christmas, and even though the next 2 weeks felt like a lifetime, the second scan quickly came around. We went back at 7.5 weeks and there was our little baby blob on the screen with a heartbeat and everything! It was amazing to see such a big change in just 2 weeks.

Babybowbow at 7 and a half weeks. Even though the round part looks a bit like the head, that's actually the yolk sack,  and the longer part is the baby!
First Trimester Symptoms:
I would count myself very lucky as so far, I have had no morning sickness. I feel so bad for anyone that suffered/is currently suffering from it as it must be so horrible! I felt sick quite a lot, more in the evening, or if I smelt something bad, but I would take that any day over actually being sick. The worst symptom I had was by far the tiredness. I had absolutely no energy and didn't want to do anything, I could hardly get out of bed and really had to force myself to do basic things like go and make myself a drink or something to eat! In turn this made me feel quite down and tearful. I felt like I was going to feel like it for ever but luckily, anyone that's gone through it knows, it does go away again, and i'm currently at a point where I feel really energetic, which is good as we're moving house very soon! I'm sure, that tiered, exhausted feeling will rear it's ugly head in a few months, but i'm not really worrying about that now. I did enough worrying in the first few weeks, and now i'm just taking it day by day and generally trying to become a more positive person in general. As that's how I want our baby to know me. But I would say, to anyone that's going through it right now, if you feel scared of what's to come, worried you won't be able to cope with everything, and frightened about all aspects of being a pregnant woman and then a Mum. It's totally normal! And once I realised this, I felt so much better!

The 12 week scan:
We were so excited to finally go to our 12 week scan! I actually drank so much water before hand that I nearly exploded and ended up having to do a wee before! But luckily my bladder was still full enough for the scan. (Is this TMI? I'm not used to talking about this stuff yet!) And as soon as the sonographer started, there was our little baby, looking much more like a baby this time. It was a very surreal moment, and all we could both do was stare and the screen and smile. They said everything looked great, and they dated me 3 days ahead of what we had though, so the due date is currently 18th August 2014, although I'm sure this could change again at the 20 week scan. We either have a shy or a naughty baby, as she/he ended up getting bored of being looked at and turned it's back on us all. I had to get up and have a little jump around to get she/he to turn back around so that we could get a picture. And here it is:

Babybowbow at 12 and a half weeks. Looking a lot more like a baby! 

So this pretty much takes me up to the end of the first trimester. I can't say if was the most fun 3 months with the tiredness and everything else, but I certainly count myself lucky on the sickness front and it really marked a new chapter in our lives. One I am so, so excited about.

I've already filmed a baby haul video which will hopefully go up this weekend, and I can't wait to show you what buba has got so far! In the mean time, you can watch my First Trimester Video here:

I hope some of you found this helpful/enjoyable to read? Let me know if you have any questions, or if i've missed anything obvious out!

Kate x


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