Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Body Shop - Fuji Green Tea Collection

Green tea has long been one of my favourite scents. There's something about it's natural, refreshing smell that instantly calms and soothes me. Anything green tea scented/flavoured is a winner in my books. In fact, I have a rather odd, bordering on obsessive addiction to green tea flavoured jelly beans, they are amazing... I wish I had some now...

However, I digress! When I found our recently that The Body Shop had released their new Fuji Green Tea Range, I instantly knew I would love it and I wasn't disappointed. I was initially drawn to the Bath Tea. I thought it was such an interesting idea as there is also a little Infuser in this range, so you simply add a handful of the bath tea to the diffuser and allow it to steep in the warm water! I never imagined bathing in tea would be such a lovely experience but some how this makes it totally acceptable. The bath tea itself is a mix of bath salts and green tea leaves, which can be added to the bath without the infuser, however, unless you're a fan of that gritty, bath salt feeling once they've all settled to the bottom, I would definitely add the infuser to your list as it's completely mess and pain free!

The scent of this range is beyond gorgeous. I love to apply the Body Sorbet after my bath which makes the scent last a lot longer on your skin. It's especially nice when you want to moisturise but don't have time to wait around for it to dry. It's very fast absorbing and I've always found the Body Sorbets to be especially nice in the summer as they're so cooling and refreshing.

As you may know, i've been a long time lover of The Body Shop's Body Butters, and i've probably tried out even scent over the years, so I was very pleased to see this in the range as well. It works great for a more intensive moisturising treatment, yet still doesn't take a lifetime to sink into the skin.

I'm really impressed with The Body Shop's latest offerings, have you tried anything from this range yet? Which product do you like the look of most?

Love Kate x

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Friday, 13 March 2015

BaByliss Diamond Waves Wand

I always feel happiest with my hair when it's freshly curled, but i'm often looking for a slightly softer, wavy look, rather than the big, bouncy curls that my curling wand gives me. The new BaByliss Diamond Waves Wand is the perfect hair tool for achieving beautiful, tousled waves. The Diamond infused ceramic barrel is really unique and specifically designed to give you soft, shiny kink free waves.

To achieve this look I simply split my hair into sections, and wrapped my hair around the contours of the wand away from the face and gently brushed it through for a softer look. Then I added a spritz of hairspray and it was done!

My hair looked really healthy afterwards and the wand really helped to tame my usually frizzy, dry hair. The waves also lasted in my hair all day. The wand heats up really quickly and goes up to 210c with 4 different heat settings, so it's great for all hair types. I'll definitely be using this a lot through the summer to cheat some natural looking beachy waves. I think the price point is great at just £30 and there are also straighteners, which I can’t wait to try and a hair dryer in the range which you can take a look at here:

What's your current favourite hairstyle?

Love Kate x

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Liz Earle Signature Facial Experience

I recently took a little trip to one of my favourite parts of London, Chelsea. It's somewhere I always enjoy being as I love the atmosphere of the place. There tucked away in Duke of York Square, across from the Saatchi Gallery and an impressive Zara and Zara Home is a skincare lovers dream. A big, beautiful Liz Earle store, filled with everything you could ever need to sort out your skin woes.

It really is lovely and I could have spent all day browsing through all of the lotions and potions that line the shelves. I was however there for a very exciting reason, to try out Liz Earle's signature facial with skin care genius Abigail James. Abigail is one of the UK's leading facialists, and as a brand ambassador for Liz Earle, she certainly knows here stuff!

I was first asked to fill out a form which included questions about my skin type, medical history, diet and general skin concerns, before being introduced to Abigail and heading to her newly refurbished treatment room which was like a little piece of Morocco in South West London. It was such a relaxing space, with soft lighting, beautiful soft furnishings and the coolest copper sink i've ever seen, not to mention the vast array of products ready and waiting to be used.

After being introduced, Abigail and I sat down for a skin consultation where we discussed many aspects of my current skincare routine and what my main concerns were. I suffered with severe acne as a teen and never had the confidence to show anyone my face without makeup. Even now I still feel a little embarrassed about it but Abigail really put me at ease and gave me a few tips I could incorporate into my current routine.

After that Abigail began the facial. She started with, of course a Cleanse and Polish to remove any makeup and impurities from my face. I have been using this everyday for quite a few months now so I know how much my skins loves it. After a few more steps, Abigail did a some extractions, especially on my nose area where the pores were slightly clogged. This wasn't the most pleasant part of the treatment, but my god my nose had never felt so smooth after! I then had a series of face masks applied, my favourite of which was the Deep Cleansing Mask which contains naturally active ingredients such as green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose scented geranium. The mask applies like a gel and it's so soothing and relaxing I think I almost fell asleep! Other parts of my treatment included a facial massage with The Superskin Concentrate and finished with the Superskin Moisturiser with natural neroli, both of which are amazing for dry or dehydrated skin. 

Liz Earle have created an incredibly relaxing experience for all the senses, the clam and luxurious treatment rooms, the gentle sound of tranquil music and probably the most delicious blend of scents i've ever smelt in one place. I think i'll have to book another treatment pretty soon!

I left feeling very clam and peaceful, which for me is a rarity let me tell you! I think everyone should treat themselves or a loved one to an experience like this every once in a while, because I feel like it's not on good for your skin, but it also benefits your overall wellbeing, and in times of stress I can conjure up the memories of being totally relaxed and it instantly clams me down.

I will also take away some fabulous tips from Abigail James. I will be scrubbing my face a little more often and will also be trying the facial massage techniques at home to help drain impurities from my skin. I was so pleased with the way my skin looked and felt after the treatment and I'm determined to keep it that way!

 You can find out more about the products that we used and the Liz Earle Signature Facial here.

Love Kate x

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Beauty Bits | Debenham's Beauty Card

I've always loved a visit to the Debenham's beauty halls. It just puts me in a happy mood to wonder around and try and test the makeup and perfume from some of my favourite designer brands. Constantly adding to an ever growing wish list of products, both scribbled down in my little notebook and on the laptop for when i've got a spare 5 minutes to have a peruse of the online store.

I was lucky enough to be able to tick a few things of said list recently and i'm thrilled with my picks. The first product I chose is one i've been lusting after for ages. Estee Lauder's Modern Muse is beautiful and classic in both the bottle and the scent. with it's mixture of floral and fruity tones, and notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and exotic mandarin, this is definitely my new favourite perfume and I love wearing it. Estee Lauder always pay such fine attention to detail with the scents used in their fragrances and this one does not disappoint.

One of my favourite high end beauty brands has to be YSL, and one of my all time holy grail products is of course, YSL Touche Éclat. I've had a few of these throughout my makeup wearing years and I always feel like my eyes look bright and instantly more alert when wearing this amazing concealer. Especially since becoming a Mummy, this little beauty has definitely helped to hide my dark circles after a sleepless night or two! So because i've always been such a big fan of this product, I thought i'd give one of their foundation a try. I opted for the Forever Youth Liberator Foundation, I've heard such good things about this and read some rave reviews so I really wanted to give it a try. I've only used it a couple of times so far so I'll hold out on a full scale review, but so far, it's a hit! It's got good coverage and helps to brighten my complexion when my skins a little bit dull and not at it's best.

What items are on your Debenham's beauty wish list? If you're planning to treat yourself any time soon, or, in fact get someone special a gorgeous gift this Christmas, be sure to get yourself a free Debenham's beauty card, you get perks such as 3 points per £1 each time you use your card, free online delivery, free samples and in store makeovers, email updates on new products and a chance to win competitions and try out new products as a VIP Panellist via their twitter and Facebook pages.

I'm off to add to my list!...

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Baby Shower

Last weekend was my baby shower and it was honestly one of the loveliest days of my life! It was so special to be surrounded by the people closest to me and to see how excited everyone was for our new, little arrival. I know it sounds cheesy, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! Everyone arrived at my Mum & Dad's house for about 2:00pm and the celebrations began!

My Mum is so excited about the birth of her new grandson, and she asked me quite a few months ago if she could throw me a baby shower. I know they're more of an American tradition, but they seem to be getting more popular in the UK and I thought it was such a lovely idea. So since then she's been in full on party planner mode (I secretly think party planning is her calling). She arranged a lot of it herself and spent weeks making decorations and planning how it would all come together.

 She also called in the help of a lovely lady called Ami who owns an online baby shop called Beebies Baby Store. They sell everything from cots and prams to baby gifts and clothes. We recently purchased babybowbow's cot bed from there and couldn't be happier with it! She has also recently added baby Shower hosting to her list of services, and she very kindly offered to help host mine as her  first one!

Ami is honestly such a lovely person, and a really inspiring business women and, together with her friend Donna, from Donna's cupcakes who created our gorgeous cupcakes for the day, helped set everything up, provided more pretty decorations and gift bags for the guests and ran all the baby shower games (which were so much fun!) I'll leave a link to her website and also to the baby shower packages she offers here. If you're in the Kent area and thinking of throwing someone a baby shower, I would 100% recommend her).

I'd also like to thank Ami for being so generous and gifting me a Poddle Pod for buba when he arrives, and my baby Shower maternity dress which was SO pretty and comfortable.
The decorations and food were amazing, My Nan got some lovely sandwiches and macaroons as they wanted to go for a vintage tea party theme, and milk bottles were filled with cloudy and pink lemonade which seemed to go down very well! Donna's cupcakes were gorgeous and we even had a candy buffet which was one of the cutest things ever. Everyone got their own blue and white striped candy bag to fill with yummy sweets!
I have to mention the amazing baby shower cake that Mum & dad got from a company called the Candy Cake Company. It is honestly the most beautiful cake i've ever seen and the Babybowbow tag, rocking horses, 'BOY' baby grow and peonies and roses (my favourite flowers) were such special touches. Mum was so excited for me to finally see this cake, but it was far beyond anything I could have imaged. I definitely will be ordering our wedding cake from here! Not only did it look stunning, it tasted SO GOOD! It had a chocolate layer and a vanilla layer and it was delicious. 

I also wanted to make sure to include a big, big thank you to some lovely companies that sent such thoughtful baby shower gifts. A lovely viewer Rebecca got in touch with me about her mother in law's business called Polly's Card Craft and asked if they could make me a Nappy cake. I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful creation! I almost didn't want to take it a part, but it was so much fun looking through it all and seeing what all of the little flowers and butterflies were made of! The amount of wash cloths, socks, blankets and scratch mitts it contained was amazing. It's so, so clever and was also full of nappies which will really come in handy. Rebecca has also kindly offered a 10% discount code off all nappy cakes with the code DOLLY10, so if you're thinking of buying one for a Mummy to be, these are really special.
I also receive this lovely baby bouquet from Corporate Baby. I show this in my Baby shower video (coming soon!) in a bit more detail, but again, it's such a thoughtful gift, filled with pretty roses and little socks and baby grows! I can't get over the cuteness, and I think any Mum to be would really appreciate such a beautiful present.
The day went so fast, and it was lovely to spend time with all of the people I love. Baby and me were well and truly spoilt, and it was lovely to open all of his gifts with everyone but I honestly didn't expect to be given all of the wonderful presents I did. To any family or friends reading this, you really should;t have be Rikki and I are so, so grateful. I didn't want to include all of the family/friends photos in this post just incase anyone didn't want to appear on the blog! But I will honestly cherish the memories of this day forever. Thank you for sharing this special day with us! Also I just wanted to thank my lovely Mum who had a few sleepless nights organising the day! I couldn't have asked for anything more. You made it the most perfect day.

I wish all of you guys could have been there too, but i'm not sure you all would have fit into my Mum & dad's bungalow!
And finally, to the person it was all for: We can't wait to meet you little man!

Thanks for reading

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Vinted Experience

Some of you might remember a post I did a few months back about a new website called Vinted. It's a new way of buying, selling and swapping clothes, and you can browse through and find the things that you want.

I had a really good experience of selling through Vinted. Out of all the items I listed, I only have a couple left on there which I think is really good. The only thing to keep in mind is, if you have active items on there and you don't regularly check it, someone could have bought and be waiting for an item without you realising. (This happened to me but luckily the Vinted team are quick to respond to any issue you have!)

The only down side to selling on Vinted, is it can be quite a lengthy process in order to get the money you've earnt from selling your clothes or accessories. You need to get a 13 digit code from the post office reciept each time you send an item and type this into the Vinted website. You then need to wait until the buyer marks the item as received and then you can withdraw the money from your Vinted account to your bank account. This takes about 5 working days. The good side to this though, is that both parties are covered, as you have proof you sent the item, and the buyer doesn't have any money taken until they receive their items.

I also bought an item for myself from Vinted to see how that side of things worked.

It was a simple process, you just had to enter your card details like you would for purchasing almost anything online. You can even use the money in your Vinted account if you've already got funds from selling items on there. I'm really pleased with this pretty blue and yellow dress, originally from H&M.

It you'd like to check out Vinted for yourself then visit the website, or download the app, either for iPhone or android. And check out my Vinted page!

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