Sunday, 9 August 2015


Jacket Zara | Jeans Miss Selfridge | Top Primark | Bag Dorothy Perkins | Shoes*

Rik and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary this weekend. I had the biggest surprise ever when he told me we were going to The Ritz! It was all a bit last minute so I didn't have the time to take photos of my outfit that night, but I had the most amazing evening. The atmosphere of that place is indescribable. We had some of the most incredible food i've ever eaten, including a delicious chocolate soufflé for dessert and beautiful cocktails. For anyone wondering, I had a Ritz 100 and Rikki had a Mary Pickford which is the most girlie cocktail you can get! But it was ok as he looked rather handsome in his suit, so I let him off!

We finished the night by dancing to L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole which i've always loved as it's in The Parent Trap (One of my favourite ever films) played by the live band and were then presented with a stunning Happy Anniversary cake which made the evening all the more special. 
I was scared that it would be rather pretentious and we would look and feel really out of place, but I honestly couldn't fault it. The staff were so attentive and couldn't do enough for you. I would really recommend it if you want to do something super special for a celebration.

On Saturday evening we went for a more relaxed date to Bluewater AKA our second home. This is where I wore the above outfit. It's quite simple and casual, but I dressed it up with my bag and shoes. The bag was just £7 in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and as it was pink and had a bow on it, I couldn't really pass it up could I? My shoes are from and they're the KG by Kurt Geiger Havanas. They're so beautiful and despite the height are really easy to walk in. They have a beautiful faux snake skin strap detail with gold hardware and go with almost any outfit. have really kindly given me a 20% off code to share with you so be sure to use KATESHOE20 to take advantage of that! They also have a new blogger edit where some of their fave bloggers show off their top picks of this season.

I'm also still obsessed with my Steffi super high waisted jeans from Miss Selfridge. They're so comfy, but very figure hugging. I definitely want to get a few more pairs as I feel like i'm living in these right now! My Jacket is from Zara but it's quite old. I had actually put it away in a draw and found it again recently. It was one of those pieces that when I found it, I could't really understand why I had put it away because I love it!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend whatever you've been up to. Hopefully enjoying this weather whilst it lasts!

Love Kate x

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle has long been one of my favourite scents. And even though I do like to change my perfume up a bit depending on the season, This is definitely my 'signature scent'. It's so classic and sophisticated that it works for every occasion, it doesn't matter if you're spritzing it on for a cold December morning at work, or for a warm summer's evening event, it just works!

You may have seen in my recent 'What I Got For My Birthday video' that I was rather spoilt! My family clearly know me very well as I received a beautiful trio of products from the range which I absolutely love.

The first was a bottle of the eau de parfum, in the instantly recognisable and ever so classy glass bottle with a frosted top. The middle notes in Coco Mademoiselle are jasmine absolute and may rose absolute which are two of my favourite scents, with fruity top notes of grapefruit and orange and deeper base notes of patchouli, musk and vanilla. It is quite an intense fragrance, but I love the fact it lasts all day. If you've ever tried Chanel No5 and found it far too over powering, then this one by comparison is a lot softer and more feminine.

Next is the delicious foaming shower gel. It comes in a 200ml bottle which is made of plastic, but a glass bottle might be a bit unsafe in the shower so I'm assuming that why. I think it makes a beautiful gift for someone, because at a price point of £34, it's not something most of us would treat ourselves to on a regular basis. It lavers up really nicely and creates lots of soft, scented foam. The best thing about using the same range is that you can layer up the scent and make it last all day, especially when the quality is as good as this.

Finally I wanted to mention the fresh body cream. It comes in a gorgeous 150ml frosted glass pot with a white lid, and I can't lie, I really enjoy just looking at it on my dressing table! This was such a pleasant surprise to me as I had always imagined this to be quite thick, and not one to apply just before going out, but it's so light and easily and quickly absorbs into your skin. Again, you can layer up the body cream with the perfume to get the most out of the products.

I love the newest editions to my Chanel beauty collection. They might not be your everyday products, but I think they make such a lovely presents. Maybe one to add to the birthday or Christmas list?

Kate x
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Friday, 3 July 2015

Scunci Insta Twist

When it comes to my hair, I can be quite lazy with styling it. I'm very guilty of simply brushing it before I head out of the door, with no further thought to how I could make it look that little bit more interesting. I've never been very good at braids or fishtail plaits, much to my dismay as they can look so pretty, alas, they are just to fiddly for my little hands! However, when I was recently introduced to the Insta Twist by Scunci, we became instant BFF's!

This clever little contraption helps you to create perfect twists which you can incorporate into endless hairstyles. I was a little sceptical at first after tying similar looking braiding tools when I was a child, none of which I had any success with, so I was kind of expecting this to just tangle my hair up to be honest! But no, even on my first go it miraculously worked.

Curious as to how it works? well i'll tell you! You simply take a section of hair (this can be large or small) and split it into two. Then you clamp each section under the red clips on either side. You then press the button upwards which individually twists the 2 sections. Then simply push the button downwards to twists the 2 pieces of hair together in the opposite direction.

As I mentioned before, I am useless at plaits and braids, so I have tried to do twists like this before by hand, but the twists always seem to unravel. This manages to keep everything held neatly together, so you can just secure it with a clear band or hair grips.

Another thing I love about this product is it's battery operated, so would be great to take to festivals or on holiday this summer and create some beautiful boho styles on you and your friends. And it's kind to your hair as it's completely heat free!

The Scunci Insta Twist is available at Superdrug and costs £29.99. Also check out their You Tube channel where they demonstrate how to create some awesome styles including milk maid braids and fishtail twists! I can't wait to try out some more styles, All I need now is a festival to go to!...

Have you tried the Insta Twist yet? What styles would you create with it?

Love Kate x

* This post is very kindly sponsored by Scunci. However all opinions are 100& honest and my own.
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Friday, 29 May 2015

Nursery Wall Art (for the cool kids)

Before Archie was born, we decorated his nursery. It was such a fun process, but one that ultimately left us with a room that lacked much character or personality. We were decorating it for this tiny person who we didn't yet know and I think we went for safe choices in terms of colours and furniture, as we had never done this before! Once he reached 6 months old (ok maybe 7) we knew it was time for him to start sleeping in his own room, but every time I looked in there I just didn't feel like it was the bright, interesting and dreamy nursery that I had hoped for.

So I made it my mission to give it a makeover before it became his bedroom for real. I'm going to be making a video on his room in more detail soon, but for now I wanted to talk about something that i've become a little obsessed with in recent months. Nursery Wall Art. Now when I first started looking at how we could decorate the walls with something other than a coat of paint, I found the run of the mill cartoon wall decals and animal boarders, but I knew I wanted something different.

We had decided on a tribal/North American theme, so I decided to have a look at some Teepee wall art and I suddenly discovered all of these wonderful prints on Etsy! And not only were they exactly what I was looking for, but they were also available to instantly download so my little impatient self didn't have to wait for the prints to be shipped from across the world.

I love so many of the designs and I'm definitely in the process of ordering more for one of his walls. You can print these out yourself if you have a good quality printer, but if you don't or you want them in a larger size like me then having them printed for you from somewhere like Photobox is a good option. They we're quite inexpensive and arrived in just a few days.

I thought i'd share with you some of my favourite prints from the artists I love the most on Etsy. I've included some gorgeous girlie one's also if you have a little lady in your life! I love them so much i'm planning which non baby ones to get for others rooms in the house too!
Mini Learners have some awesome black and white prints that have a very Scandinavian feel. I really love the teepee one (of course) and definitely plan to get a few more from here.
These prints from Nomad Printables would be perfect for a pretty, pastel room. I love the colours and shapes. they would add a modern touch to any nursery.
The one I love the most from PaperCanoePrinatables in the 'Say yes to new adventures' print. I really want Archie to explore the word and have lots of fun adventures with Rikki and I. These prints are such a lovely way to add meaningful messages to your home.
Finally one of my favourites Zoom Boone Creations have some amazing prints that fit perfectly with our tribal theme. Archie has a couple from here including the Be Brave Bear print and I absolutely love it! I also asked the lovely lady who owns the shop if I could change the wording as I have two prints with the same message and she was more than happy to do it (I just haven't got round to ordering another one yet!)

Let me know if you decide on adding any of these prints to your little ones nursery or bedroom!

Kate x
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Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Body Shop - Fuji Green Tea Collection

Green tea has long been one of my favourite scents. There's something about it's natural, refreshing smell that instantly calms and soothes me. Anything green tea scented/flavoured is a winner in my books. In fact, I have a rather odd, bordering on obsessive addiction to green tea flavoured jelly beans, they are amazing... I wish I had some now...

However, I digress! When I found our recently that The Body Shop had released their new Fuji Green Tea Range, I instantly knew I would love it and I wasn't disappointed. I was initially drawn to the Bath Tea. I thought it was such an interesting idea as there is also a little Infuser in this range, so you simply add a handful of the bath tea to the diffuser and allow it to steep in the warm water! I never imagined bathing in tea would be such a lovely experience but some how this makes it totally acceptable. The bath tea itself is a mix of bath salts and green tea leaves, which can be added to the bath without the infuser, however, unless you're a fan of that gritty, bath salt feeling once they've all settled to the bottom, I would definitely add the infuser to your list as it's completely mess and pain free!

The scent of this range is beyond gorgeous. I love to apply the Body Sorbet after my bath which makes the scent last a lot longer on your skin. It's especially nice when you want to moisturise but don't have time to wait around for it to dry. It's very fast absorbing and I've always found the Body Sorbets to be especially nice in the summer as they're so cooling and refreshing.

As you may know, i've been a long time lover of The Body Shop's Body Butters, and i've probably tried out even scent over the years, so I was very pleased to see this in the range as well. It works great for a more intensive moisturising treatment, yet still doesn't take a lifetime to sink into the skin.

I'm really impressed with The Body Shop's latest offerings, have you tried anything from this range yet? Which product do you like the look of most?

Love Kate x

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Friday, 13 March 2015

BaByliss Diamond Waves Wand

I always feel happiest with my hair when it's freshly curled, but i'm often looking for a slightly softer, wavy look, rather than the big, bouncy curls that my curling wand gives me. The new BaByliss Diamond Waves Wand is the perfect hair tool for achieving beautiful, tousled waves. The Diamond infused ceramic barrel is really unique and specifically designed to give you soft, shiny kink free waves.

To achieve this look I simply split my hair into sections, and wrapped my hair around the contours of the wand away from the face and gently brushed it through for a softer look. Then I added a spritz of hairspray and it was done!

My hair looked really healthy afterwards and the wand really helped to tame my usually frizzy, dry hair. The waves also lasted in my hair all day. The wand heats up really quickly and goes up to 210c with 4 different heat settings, so it's great for all hair types. I'll definitely be using this a lot through the summer to cheat some natural looking beachy waves. I think the price point is great at just £30 and there are also straighteners, which I can’t wait to try and a hair dryer in the range which you can take a look at here:

What's your current favourite hairstyle?

Love Kate x

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